iPad app issues

I love Apple but have been rather frustrated by a few app issues on the iPad that have come to light over the past week whilst preparing for a day I organised for language students. Below is a list of them and ways I have found to overcome them…

Transferring GarageBand track to iMovie
This is not possible directly through the app. You need to export the GarageBand track to iTunes within the app, connect the pad to your Mac, open the apps tab for the ipad and go down to shared apps, select the tracks, drag into your iTunes Automatically Add to iTunes folder, resync your music library back to the pad then when you open iMovie the tracks will appear within the music section of add media. Whew, that was easy… Apple really need to sort this out.
I also discovered that you cannot drop audio into iMovie until a video is there.

Sharing iMovies
The easiest way I found to put pupil work on a Posterous blog was to export the finished movie to the camera roll. This formatted the movie ready for sharing (as a Quick Time movie). When the iPad was connected to the computer I opened iphoto, selected the files to import from the iPad and synced them to my library. From here I was able to quickly import them to the blog. These movies could also be shared back to the iTunes library so that they could be synced and opened in iMovie on other iPads.

It wasn’t easy running a cross-school competition in this way, but it worked and the results can be seen on the exeteredl blog

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