iPad class restrictions

I set up a class set of 15 ipads recently. Although this is part of a research project and I have yet to fine tune how we use them these are my initial settings:

I turned the following off YouTube, FaceTime, iTunes, Ping
Safari and the camera have been left on.
I disabled installing & deleting apps (I really don’t want to lose the apps I’ve put on there and pupils can’t purchase apps without a password but I figured better safe than sorry.)
In-app purchase has also been disabled.
Ratings have been set for the UK as the default was the USA.
On Music I have set the rating to ‘clean’ (the alternative being explicit).
As the ipads are being used by Key Stage 3 & 4 Movies have been set as a 12a rating.
I have allowed all on the TV setting
With Apps I initially allowed 12+ but this has caused a problem as it removed the link for my QR reader app. For some reason (possibly down to what links could be opened by the reader) the app is 17+. As I use QR codes in class to share Aurasmas and as a quick link to useful websites I have had to set this as 17+
Game Centre settings have been turned off.
Once I had decided which settings to do on the first pad it did not take long to set the others. It was a pain to have to do the all individually and I will investigate to see if there is an easier way to do it whilst syncing them. The restrictions need a passcode that I have set (the same for all the pads). This means if I need to change anything during a lesson I can.

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