Never saw that one coming

Being a trusting teacher I merrily left my year 10 French class preparing their mini lessons on Health on the iPads today. They returned the pads at the end of the lesson, in full working order. It was only after lunch when I got them out for another group that the full extent of what one pupil had done came to light…
One iPad was locked and required a passcode to unlock it. Why did I not see that one coming? I preempted them trying to add or delete apps, watching unsuitable content and trying to FaceTime each other by setting up the restrictions within the settings (with a code that only I know). As far as I can tell there is no way to disable the setting of a passcode lock on an iPad. This means any pupil can do it. I do not particularly want to check if this has been done as I collect iPads at the end of every lesson.
At this stage I assume the only way to rectify this is to return the iPad to it’s factory settings then sync it again. Whether or not I lose pupil work in doing so is yet to be seen. I shall let you know.

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