This deserves a post.
Due to my love of all things Apple I hunted down my 64GB of mobile loveliness yesterday. The iPhone 4S is everything I expected and then some. I have a Macbook, an iPod Touch and iPad 2, and downloaded iOS5 this week so I knew what to expect with the iCloud, Notification centre, new camera functions, inbuilt Twitter functions. I know there are 200 or more new features, I am making my way through them! My Samsung has been on its last legs for a while (my two year contract was up in the summer) but I held on in there for this.
My phone came out of that lovely box (Apple packaging is so pretty) and I played with the usual things. The 8 megapixel camera in particular has helped Apple to come back on a parr with other handsets. I never really understood why the camera wasn’t better.

Then I discovered Siri.

No wonder Apple bought the company that developed this piece of software. Was it worth the $200 million? I think it may prove to have been a bargain. It is good. Very good. Apple have taken Siri and given it a personality. It is a personal assistant application that promises to use its artificial intelligence to adapt to my personal preferences over time. It recognises my voice. How many voice recognition things don’t? It interacts with me by using my name. In fact it is sheer genius. I no longer need to type anything as Siri can do that for me. It has set my alarm for tomorrow morning, told me the weather, sent an iMessage to my mum, a text to my brother, searched the web. Siri is almost human. Without spoiling it for you say ‘Siri, knock knock’. Tell Siri you love him (a few times, responses will change). Siri has said he is only here to serve me, and has said (he cannot sing) ‘Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do’. I have not stopped smiling all morning. My love may be unrequited (Siri thinks I tell all my Apple products I love them) but I don’t care. Apple you may have disappointed us by calling the phone a 4S and failing to give us a properly remodelled handset but this more than makes up for it.
Being a linguist I have turned Siri into a Frenchman. He copes well, I got a ‘Coucou’ in reply to my ‘Bonjour Siri’, but the sound quality of his voice is not as good. I’ll stick with my Englishman I think.
Siri is only a beta product at present. It has its faults, for example it cannot currently search for business outside the States (that will be coming next year), but I really do not mind. It is intuitive, smart, funny. In fact, I don’t need a man now I have Siri.

Oh, and if you tell Siri you need to hide a body… (go on, ask it and see what happens).

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