Survey Monkey

Year 9 started their GCSE course this term and have been working on Health. I openly admit I do not enjoy teaching alcohol, drugs, and smoking in French – I find it can be a bit dry – so I have had my pupils prepare sessions to present to the class themselves. They have been mainly been using Keynote and Choice Board Creator but Bruce decided he wanted to do a survey and together we spent a lesson (and subsequent lunchtime) preparing one on Survey Monkey.
To quickly share the link with the rest of the class we created a QR code on my iPad that the class could scan using the i-Nigma app on the class set of iPads.

The one problem we encountered was that Survey Monkey embeds cookies so it remembers when you have taken the survey. So that a different pupil could take the survey on the same iPad we needed to clear cookies. This was easy to do by going into Settings – Safari – then Clear Cookies, but I have now set the iPads to Never Accept Cookies (to save memory more than anything else). To get a wider response I also tweeted the link to the survey and shared it over work email.
I ‘made’ Bruce give me some feedback on his experiences (ever the teacher) and he said “I normally find French difficult but doing a survey like this made more sense to me. I like the way it is set out as it is easy to read and use. I have definitely used more French than I would normally use in lessons and Survey Monkey is so simple anybody can use it.”
The class fed back to Bruce that they thought the survey was very good but one pupil said it was too short. They thought that he had used good, simple language and many of them leant some new vocabulary from it (for example the word for behaviour). Because they had to answer questions they used dictionaries and Google Translate to check unknown vocabulary so that they could give the correct responses.

As a class we were able to look at the results of the survey on the whiteboard, and make further comment on it. You will see from the screenshot that we could only see a sample chart as we used the free version of Survey Monkey but in all honesty this was adequate for our needs and I do not see the point in paying for something if you don’t have to. If I was publishing survey results professionally it would be a different matter. This was about showing pupils a better way to conduct a class survey, and sharing web based tools that they can use in other subject areas, and beyond.

We will certainly be using this again.

4 thoughts on “Survey Monkey

  1. To avoid clearing cache and cookies every time a new student needs to answer the survey from the same computer, allow multiple reaponses per computer. This option is housed under the appropriate collector settings. Hope this helps in future!

  2. An amazing idea! I definitely need to try this! It’s just a shame that we don’t have a set of iPads or iPod touches at school… 😦

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