Work sharing in the iPad classroom

It has taken me a while to get around to setting up email accounts for the school iPads. There was a need for something so that pupil work could be sent directly to individual teachers rather than it being uploaded to my MacBook (which the pads are currently synced to) then forwarded to the relevant staff.
I love the simplicity by which a Pages file can be emailed as just that, or converted to a Word or PDF document at the tap of on icon. You can’t do that with Microsoft Office documents! The same applies for Keynote (PPT and PDF options) and Numbers (Excel and PDF options again). The integration of this into the apps themselves means sharing is not an onerous task for pupils or teachers and no USB memory sticks are flying around my classroom.
I got an email account set up on our school address and have set it as default email account for all the iPads within the mail settings. I have also set it as one of my numerous accounts on my pad as it will be a quick way to monitor how it is being used.
I am sure staff will be able to email documents to that account for students to open and work on as well as pupils emailing their work to themselves so that they can continue with it at home.
Ideally I would like to get the iCloud working in school but do not mind admitting I am still coming to grips with it myself. I was a bit confused when a photo of my son appeared on one school iPad (only the one mind you). I have created an account for the iPads so that I can utilise ‘Find my iPad’. I have not needed it yet, and I am not a pessimist, but I am sure there will come the time when I do. I have also allowed Bookmarks on iCloud as this will be beneficial in class when referring pupils to websites. Other than that I turned Documents & Data, and Mail, on. Everything else is turned off as I have no need to sync contacts or calendars at this stage (wondering if I can set up the school calendar on there however).
As I have said before I have set restrictions on iPads – essential in a school. In Settings I have now ensured I have selected ‘don’t allow changes’ to the email account.
One final word about sharing. I have a YouTube account that I set up for my MFL classes. I upload work from Apps such as iMovie, Sock Puppets and the like but I have maintained control of this by logging in and out of the account at lunchtimes when pupils are not around. The last thing I want is some unfortunate incident with the uploading of something not entirely work related. Better safe than sorry.


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