Wanted Posters using Aurasma

Whilst teaching Descriptions to year 7 last week I hit upon the idea of using Aurasma to jazz up the inevitable Wanted posters they were going to make. I have used Aurasma before to create a talking display at the back of my classroom (see post on Le Mur Parlant) and this seemed like a logical step. It rang of Harry Potter (I am an avid fan) and I could not wait to try it in class. The difference this time was that now I have a class set of iPads the pupils would be able to complete the whole task themselves – from filming to creating QR codes. Below is a step to step guide to the process, and I have attached a powerpoint that I used in class. At this point I will add that I actually used a Keynote but can appreciate not all people do. Thankfully Keynote lets me send work as Powerpoints and PDFs too, all at the tap of an icon.

It is worth checking that the QR codes and aura images open properly before you print the work as we did have a few technical issues. Glare also appears to be a major issue for Aurasma and classroom lights are not the most conducive to making it work. Natural daylight is better.

To be able to share your auras you need to create an account (but you do not even need an email for this). I contacted Aurasma by email as I wanted to use the same account for all the devices I have. They were very quick to reply (thanks again guys) and offer advice. I cannot use the same account for a different device so I created numbered accounts e.g. IscaLanguages1 etc. In the meantime I am looking into how to use Location Auras and the possibility of setting the school up a channel using the Aurasma Developer Studio if they will have me.

1. Camera

Film your piece of augmented reality using the Camera on the iPad. It needs to be under 30 seconds long to be able to embed it in your aura. The film will now appear on your camera roll.

2. Camera and Aurasma

Take a photo using the Camera on the iPad to use for the poster. Before the person moves (it is important to have the same image for both or this will not work) open the Aurasma app and take another photo that will become the trigger for the aura.

3. Adding film

As soon as the image has been taken with the camera on Aurasma you will be taken to the screen where you can add film. Choose the 3rd option (my iPad) as this is where your film is saved and drop the film clip into the aura. You may want to move/resize it. Give your aura a name and save it.

4. Pages

Create the ‘On Recherche’ poster using Pages. I encourage pupils to use the French keyboard (this has been set up as one of the keyboards available on all the iPads – see previous post on Book Creator). Add the photo you took earlier (the one that matches the image used by Aurasma) and add your text.

5. Aurasma

Reopen Aurasma and share your aura by email. You do not need to send the email – you simply need to copy the web URL code that is created. N.B. At this stage you will not be able to share the aura unless you have created an account for the device as I mentioned above).

6. QR Reader

Paste the copied web URL code into the creator part of the QR Reader app. Save the image created to your photo library (by selecting Create – Save – Share QR Image – Save to Photo album).

7. Pages

Finally reopen your Pages document and add the QR code image to your poster. When scanned with a smart phone / iPad this will open the link to Aurasma so that when you scan the main image it comes to live. My pupils sent their completed work to me using the default email account on the iPads. I could then print from my iPad as I do not yet have a wireless printer set up for the iPads (on the long ‘to do’ list).

Pupils could also email the work to their own accounts if they wished to share with family.

Try out the poster below made my one of my pupils!

Wanted posters ppt copy

4 thoughts on “Wanted Posters using Aurasma

    • Do you need a new phone?! Android app available as well as iPhone but must admit used it in a pub treasure hunt before Xmas and found older iPhones struggled to play the Auras. I have developer rights now which will help in school as won’t need to share links anymore

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