Getting Creative with Technology in 2012

I signed up today to be part of Colin Maxwell‘s Educational Technology Creative Collective
I will be completing set assignments (one will be set a week – yikes!) and sharing what I do here and on Twitter with the hashtag #edtechcc
I am not sure how ‘creative’ my processes will be but I have certainly learnt over recent months that blogging is a great tool for reflection in the educational field and one of my ‘resolutions’ is to keep my blog more up to date with all the things that are going on in my classroom. I also like to play around with technology and experiment. If I can find educational value in it all the better. I do find that the simplest of ideas can often engage pupils and help them to make progress.

So, this is the first assignment – to blog about why I have signed up, and to share something about myself. I could post a video but I do old fashioned words. I have been in the same school in Exeter since I qualified in 1994… Why haven’t I moved on? Roles change, fresh challenges come up, technology moves on at lightening speed, and I have (nearly) always found something to keep myself from getting ‘bored’. I started to properly engage with Twitter at the beginning of 2011. I found people out there sharing ideas and that gave me reason to explore and share more myself. I attended my first TeachMeet and set up my blog. I stumbled upon a group of likeminded local Tweeps who meet once a month and have run Smartphone pub quizzes as a result. Networking led to running an MFL day at Exeter University with Chris Fuller and teams of pupils from local schools in September 2011. This academic year I have been seconded to the role of Lead Practitioner for Media Rich Learning. In all honesty I am not entirely sure what the title means but I do know it lets me play with iPads and go to interesting events including the Apple RTC Autumn Conference. I should add at this point that the school launched as an Apple Regional Training Centre last term and I have been running some twilight sessions for educators using Apple technology. I love it! It has given me a fresh outlook on learning – mine and that of my colleagues and my pupils.
I am attending my first BETT next week, and running an MFLSAT TeachMeet in March. Exciting times ahead and I cannot wait to get stuck into the next assignment.

2 thoughts on “Getting Creative with Technology in 2012

  1. Hi Kelda,

    I’m really looking forward to the challenge of this course and learning from people like yourself. My experience is pretty similar to yours; qualified in ’94 and been in the same (ish – we’ve been through an amalgamation) school since then.

    I’ll be particularly interested in hearing how you use Apple ‘stuff’.

    Good luck 🙂

  2. Good luck with BETT. I’ve been every year for about the past 5 years, but won’t be there this year. There are a few gems amongst the crowds at BETT, but its becoming harder to find them. The BETT Teachmeet Takeover would be on my list if I was going. More and more of the bigger companies are pulling out of BETT, and they tended to have the best presentations and best kit.
    – Colin

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