Apple Education announcement 19/01/2012

I am just too excited by Apple Education’s announcement about iPad textbooks (live blog from today’s event is here) and the update to iBooks. I am not even going to wait to try it out before I blog about it. The screenshot shows what the iBooks update adds – I can only imagine the future potential of this in the classroom. I am hoping my pupils will be able to share notes and collaborate.
Things I like…
Highlight tool
Embedded videos
Study cards
3D images (I must track down the article about 3D enhancing a pupil’s experience and raising attainment).


Then there is iBooks Author to look forward to. Mashable have reported on it here. I already use the versatile Book Creator app with my classes (the latest update of which lets me add sound files) and have browsed the uses of Creative Book Builder in schools. How much further Author will let me take things is yet to be seen. Maybe I will publish my own textbook. Who knows? The world of apps holds endless possibilities for teachers and pupils with a little spare time, a mountain of creativity and the ability to think out of the box and look for innovative ways to use free or cheap technology in classroom.

As the live blog continues I see that iTunes U can offer me the chance to create and share whole lessons. I am going to be very busy…

I will keep you updated with my experiences.

Big thanks to Adam Baker for giving me a heads up on Twitter as the announcement was made.

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