Workflow on the iPad – a paperless lesson


Today’s French lesson was paperless. No pen required, no exercise books, no text books, no dictionaries. I found a great resource on the TES resources site on Racism from a teacher going by the name HB that I used with my French GCSE class. Rather than print the worksheet out I emailed a Pages version of it to the class iPads.
The pupils’ first task was to open the file in Pages and rename it with their name. There were a few problems (again) with all the iPads pulling in the email. This now appears to be down to the certificate as the account is a school Microsoft Exchange one. Next time I will see if the same occurs with the iCloud email account. Once I went into the settings and accepted connection to the Exchange account again the emails came in. I really should be more organised and load my files onto Dropbox but this will have to be done from my desktop to get them into the right folder to share.
The pupils were able to go directly to the websites linked to the task by clicking on the web links embedded in the document. They toggled between Safari and Pages (double tap on home key to bring up the toolbar of open apps) and filled their answers in on the virtual worksheet. Without any instructions from me some pupils cut and pasted unknown vocabulary into the Google Translate app to help them find the relevant parts of the text in the reading task.
At the end of the lesson the pupils emailed their completed work to me (remember they had already renamed them so I could easily identify who had done the work as the iPads run off one email account).
As we do not have a one-to-one roll out of iPads in school I will probably end up either emailing the work to the pupils individual school accounts with my comments, or print (I know, not entirely paperless) the marked work out for them to put in their books. After a show of hands it turned out that about half the pupils have their own iDevices so I could email a PDF version which they can then keep on the bookshelf in iBooks. Using the new features in iBooks they will be able to highlight relevant comments and make study notes.

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2 thoughts on “Workflow on the iPad – a paperless lesson

  1. sounds really interesting – is there some way non-apple pdfs could be sent back to them so whatever their device (desktop, andoid etc) they can refer back? Being able to make notes on feedback is a really powerful tool.

    We don’t have the devices but I’m now asking my yr13 students to document learning with devices and update a wiki with pictures, audio and text.

    • The PDFs are not Apple specific so can be opened anywhere e.g. on a laptop, Android phone, within Dropbox. The beauty of iWorks is that you can export or email files in one of 3 formats – so with text you get the Pages, Word, and PDF options; with Spreadsheets it is Numbers, Excel, PDF; and with presentations it is Keynote, PowerPoint, PDF. This is why I like Apple so much – it lets you transfer across platforms seamlessly. Plus if I receive an Office document I can open it in iWorks at the tap of a button. Hope this helps.

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