A girl can live by apps alone

There are often conversations flying around Twitter about the best iPad apps for schools. I had one last week. Here are the top apps I cannot live without as I use them on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Teacher apps
1. Dropbox – a girl can never have enough storage.
2. Explain Everything – the best ‘interactive whiteboard’ (and more) I have found.
3. YouTube – from clips to show in lesson, to a place to upload my pupils’ work, I love YouTube.
4. WordPress – I’m using it now, so say no more.
5. Pearltrees – the place where I can save all those web pages I haven’t quite read yet.
6. QR Reader – I use this to create QR codes for my classroom.
7. Numbers – I create spreadsheets for all my pupil assessment data.
8. Feeddler – an RSS tool I use to show me who has updated their blogs.
9. Posterous – the blogging tool I prefer for quickly sharing content on pupil projects.
10. Remote – technically an iPhone app, it works with my iPad to control Keynote presentations.

Pupil apps
1. Aurasma – if I can turn it into augmented reality in my classroom, I will!
2. Book Creator – a lovely authoring tool which can be used across the curriculum.
3. i-Nigma – the fastest QR reader I have found.
4. iCanAnimate – simple animation tool (but do get yourself a tripod or stand).
5. iMovie – drop in your animations, Keynote slides, music… Endless possibilities.
6. Pages – word processing tool for all those paperless lessons.
7. Keynote – we all need a presentation tool.
8. Sock Puppets – for those pupils who don’t like recording themselves directly.
9. iPrompt Pro – an autocue app that helps pupils with presentation and fluency.
10. Comic Life – as it says, a comic authoring tool, great for creating display work too.

Oh, and I keep forgetting Safari and Google are apps…

Here is my third and final list – the nothing to do with education apps, possibly addicted to, or just need them apps:
1. Twitter – technically it is keeps me in touch with my PLN, but I have a social life too.
2. Path – social networking for the more discerning.
3. Boxed In (1,2 & 3) – totally addictive game.
4. Tiny Bang – this week’s couldn’t put it down game. Clever puzzles and lovely artwork.
5. TypeDrawing – why write it if you can draw it.
6. Action Movie – for that moment when you need to blow something up.
7. Pixlromatic – I have a lot of photography apps, this is one of my favourites.
8. TVCatchup – it may be called catch up but it actually let’s you watch live TV.
9. TuneIn Radio – all the radio stations you want at your fingertips.
10. Cut the Rope – Om Nom is just too cute.

2 thoughts on “A girl can live by apps alone

  1. Hi Kelda,
    Loving your blog – it’s coming in very useful for us at the moment over here at St. Luke’s where we’ve just got our (hopefully) first set of iPads. Our main problem at the moment is actually getting paid-for apps onto all the devices. We are currently using the configurator software from apple, but this does not allow us to install paid for apps. I was just wondering what system you use to bulk manage your iPads – Itunes, etc?

    Any advice you have will be massively appreciated,

    Rich Pepperell
    Deputy Head of Department
    St. Luke’s Science and Sports College

    • Hi Rich
      We are currently moving over to a new system focused around a Mac mini server, automatic clouding and device management. I am holding my breath. The main problem for schools is that Apple really did not foresee the way the iPad would take off so at the moment there is no bulk purchase scheme over here. They are working on one in the US but until we get anything it works in our favour. Quite simply i have not registered the devices and use a sync cable with my macbook. I am happy to come and have a chat sometime and give you some pointers. We also need to ensure we run our quota of RTC sessions as a school so maybe one on device management in the near future would help other local schools out? If you email me keldarichards@yahoo.co.uk I will give you a few more pointers.

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