The following piece was written by two of my year 7 students, Wiktoria and Charley, as part of BBC School Report today

We wanted to look further into the story of Kony. Hearing about Kony is making us think about what is happening around the world to children and teenagers our age. It is interesting and sad what he does to children.For the past few weeks we have been hearing a lot about one of the biggest criminals in the world, his name is Joseph Kony. Kony abducts teenagers and young children and makes them part of his vile and sickening army. He makes them murder their own parents and forces young and innocent girls to be his sex slaves. Many people have been devastated after hearing about this emotional and cruel story. The video ‘Kony 2012’ has been viewed over 93 million times on websites like Facebook , Youtube and Google all around the world and is still being projected. The video will be automatically deleted on 31st December 2012 at midnight and will no longer be able to be viewed. We would like people to please watch the video and support the campaign to bring Kony to justice.

We asked some pupils their opinions.

Rheanna says – “He’s cruel and sick minded! I really don’t get why he does this to young children, we should protest and get everyone involved in trying to catch and arrest him.”

Thomas says – “He’s the sickest person in the world. It just shows how messed up our generation is these days!”

Billiejo says – “He is so nasty and he shouldn’t do this to children. What have they done to deserve that and be treated in such a horrible way? I still don’t understand what made him turn out like this way!”

Alysha says – “I wonder how he would feel if he was treated in the same way as he treats others? I really do hope that we find him and arrest him as spoon as possible.”

Shauna says – “I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be abducted by Kony, it’s probably one of the worst feelings in the world that could happen to you.”

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