To Cloud, or not to Cloud…

Any teacher worth their salt should be able to think on their feet when something goes wrong – as they invariably do with 30 children in a classroom. Somebody is sick, they all forgot to bring the homework your lesson was based around, it is raining outside. The list of variables is infinite. Teaching is about being flexible.
But what happens when your wifi goes down? I have possibly become rather complacent about internet access. It is just THERE.
Until this week.
The blue screen of death and corrupt certificates have caused no end of problems for our network manager – and no end of problems for anybody planning to use the iPads.
Don’t get me wrong, we have had problems before.
Powercuts have knocked out the wifi. The iPads intermittently lose the Apple network they are on. But there is something very frustrating about having the technology in your hand but not being able to use it to its full potential.
We can use Keynote, but cannot find images on the web to insert into it.
We can create our short video clips for Aurasma but can’t share the auras we make.
We can’t use Socrative to run a Space Race.
We can’t run my planned trial of the NearPod app.
Pupils can’t email us their work.
But I am feeling rather smug that I can access my presentations as I have not stored them in the Cloud. Please spare a thought for a colleague who has everything in Dropbox…


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