Dear Santa…


In case you were wondering what to buy me this year (I have been good after all) here are a few ideas for you…
1. Lightbulbs
Colour changing bulbs so that I can hold ambient dinner parties, and turn the lights out on my kids when it is way past their bedtime.
2. Gloves
Bluetooth gloves. I know I will look like a toddler talking to somebody on an imaginary phone but I can live with that.
3. Pen
A pretty blue one, or maybe one of these. I can’t make my mind at the moment. Whatever the elves can make.
4. Surface
Actually, I don’t want the tablet. I am too in love with my iPad. So just an integrated kickstand and touch cover. I do like the way the stand disappears, and the slimline keyboard cover. So if you could give Apple a call for me and ask them to come up when an even more beautiful (as Apple invariably is when compared with Microsoft) and streamlined version that would be lovely.
5. Bag
A Huge tote bag. Not ‘huge’ but ‘Huge’, showing off all the i-geeky products I carry around on a daily basis. And the odd bottle of wine. For information I do not own, and never have owned, knuckle dusters.
6. Desk Calendar
A perpetual one so I do not need to throw it in the recycling at the end of twelve months. This one also suits my OCD tendencies as it will have to be made to the instructions and kept in order, not taken apart and turned into a fire engine with wings.
7. Headphones
Colourful ones. However I would settle for the cool packaging that these come in. It’s the little things that make me happy.
8. 4G
I would like to see if it is any faster. I am on the right network but appear to live in the wrong part of the country. I do not really understand why. Exeter is quite a happening place and lots of us NEED fast connections for all the tweeting we do. Do you have 4G at the North Pole? Maybe I could try yours out?
9. Remote
Control. I misplace mine, or the batteries run out, or the kids hide them. I never lose my phone, can recharge it, and nobody else is allowed to touch it. This looks like the perfect solution if you ask me. Which you didn’t, but I am a woman so will tell you anyway.
10. Satsuma
As you always put one in my stocking when I was a child so I assume it is just what you do.
Thank you

P.S. will Rudolph be using Google Maps again this year?


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