Animating Grammar

UnknownHere is the presentation from my #ililc3 workshop on ways to animate grammar in the MFL classroom.  A more detailed post will follow I promise but as long as you have an iPad to hand you can try this out at home.  I let my pupils write on the desk as you will see in the clips linked to the presentation.  It’s quick and easy, doesn’t waste paper and they enjoy it!

We have been using Kudlian’s iCanAnimate in class but it has been rather glitchy of late.  When you look at the app store you can see that they recognise there are problems but there has been no update since December 2012.  Unless I am mistaken the app has now become Animate It! in collaboration with Aardman Animation.  Why they are both available on the app store I do not know but they are the same except for the name and both retail at £1.99.  If you want to try a different app Smoovie works in a similar way but is slightly more expensive at £2.99

Animating Grammar powerpoint


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