Celebrity Interviews in MFL


I found this unpublished post sitting in my archive.  I shared this at a workshop at #ililc3 in February so it is timely that I publish it now.

Following on from a series of lessons based on resources shared by @elvisrunner my year 7 worked on profiles for Olympic athletes during the summer term as part of a unit on sport. We did all the usual reading comprehensions, then wrote our own questions and answers for different athletes bound for the 2012 Olympics in London.  This activity lends itself to interviewing any celebrity and would also be worthwhile preparation for GCSE Controlled Assessment.

I wanted to get the pupils more engaged with the oral aspect of this task. In the past we would have recorded them using Garageband or iMovie, with them role-playing the interviewer and athlete. But with so many quirky apps on the market why stop there?

Morfo Booth is a fantastic app that lets you morph a photo of yourself, a friend, your pet, or a celebrity. It is currently 69p on the app store and well worth it.  All you need is a photograph. The added bonus is that the app lets you record voices with it and it animates the face for you. This has opened up a whole host of possibilities in the iPad classroom. We decided to get photos of our chosen athletes so that we could interview them in ‘real life’.

We recorded short questions and answers as individual pieces of speaking – partly due to the time limit on the recording on Morfo Booth, partly as the pupils found it easier to break the task down.  Each recorded piece was exported to the camera roll on the iPad.

As always workflow is key and the next stage of the lesson was to import the clips into iMovie (£2.99)where they were put together as a complete interview.  At this stage titles (even subtitles) can be added, music, transitions.  More technically competent pupils were given the option to incorporate real footage using a YouTube downloader app.  A word of warning here though…

I initially used the fabulous iCabMobile  app to download YouTube clips but on testing it before the #ililc conference I found the download option had disappeared.  A few tweets revealed that the developer had been told to remove the option.  There is always a work around though and my current app of choice in iBolt (there is a free version but it carries adverts) which acts in a similar way.  Please do consider how you will use this footage however – think about copyright.  If you try to load your movies with anybody else’s footage in it (no matter how short the clip) YouTube will know!  They encode everything that is uploaded to the site and you will receive a ‘warning’ email.

Having shared this idea with colleagues it is evident that there are far more applications for this app. In English students can be the main protagonists in the book they are reading. In History they can be Hitler or Churchill. Their studies are given another depth that also links in to spiritual, moral, cultural and social aspects inspected under the new Oftsed framework.

You can watch a finished piece of work here and feel free to look at other pieces posted by my pupils on our YouTube channel – they love getting hits.

The step by step guide I use with my classes explains it all and you can download it here along with the peer and self assessment sheet I give pupils:

AfL Powerpoint file

Year 7 AfL Morfo Booth assessment sheet


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