Today I don’t want to be a teacher

Today I don’t want to be a teacher. Not because I don’t like children. I do. Not because I don’t like imparting knowledge and watching young people engage with the world around them. I do. But because today I felt too exhausted to jump through the hoops. I am not the first person to say … Continue reading

To Cloud, or not to Cloud…

Any teacher worth their salt should be able to think on their feet when something goes wrong – as they invariably do with 30 children in a classroom. Somebody is sick, they all forgot to bring the homework your lesson was based around, it is raining outside. The list of variables is infinite. Teaching is … Continue reading

‘Podcasting’ on the iPad

Attached to the end of this post is a PDF of a Keynote presentation to accompany a hands-on workshop I have run twice now on using the iPad to create learning content for pupils along the ‘flipped classroom’ model.  There is also a short demonstration video on YouTube for you to watch (and to show … Continue reading

Digital Legacies in the Classroom

Working with departments across the school to embed media rich learning in the curriculum this year has given rise to us creating a ‘digital legacy’ of pupil work.  The work is being collected and shared using online sites such as YouTube and Posterous, as well as Dropbox and within the shelves of iBooks.  Some has … Continue reading

Socrative – app of the week

Thanks need to go to Karen Duxbury-Watkinson for this. If she had not tweeted me to see if I could help with a technical issue I would not have come across this app (for a while at least). Socrative is a free student response tool created for teachers by teachers. The Web 2.0 tool has been … Continue reading

Creating a Digital Legacy

There has been much written by academics, bloggers, lawyers, social network sites ad infinitum about digital legacies – that online box of memories that will outlive you. In centuries gone by future generations could look forward to opening a real box, filled with carefully selected concrete objects that were the sum total of a life … Continue reading

QR Easter Hunt

A simple idea for using QR codes in an Easter Hunt around the school in MFL, which I must admit was thrown together at the last minute but worked beautifully. I wanted a new twist on the treasure hunt using our iPads. The lesson was aimed at year 7 and I thought about giving directions … Continue reading


The following piece was written by two of my year 7 students, Wiktoria and Charley, as part of BBC School Report today We wanted to look further into the story of Kony. Hearing about Kony is making us think about what is happening around the world to children and teenagers our age. It is interesting … Continue reading

News gathering

We’ve filmed a feature with John Percival from Stormfront about the new iPad and the uptake of the use of them in schools. Still photos have been taken of the fog for our weather report later. Researchers are busy working up local angles on national stories.

Hard at work

14 strong news team are in place at Isca. Say hello to – Dan, Connor, Denis, Ferdaws, Fraser, Marisa, Ruby, Lauren, Lauren, Butta, Josh, Wiktoria, Charley, and Jonathon