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Wanted Posters using Aurasma

Whilst teaching Descriptions to year 7 last week I hit upon the idea of using Aurasma to jazz up the inevitable Wanted posters they were going to make. I have used Aurasma before to create a talking display at the back of my classroom (see post on Le Mur Parlant) and this seemed like a … Continue reading


Google+ Friend or Foe? I use google as a verb (a regular one of course). Google is great for quick answers and links. I can be googling whilst texting/chatting/tweeting and look like I know what I am talking about having searched for whatever the other person has mentioned. I have googled where the hash tag … Continue reading

Le Mur Parlant

Le Mur Parlant  Or How to Create Augmented Reality Talking Displays I recently discovered Aurasma, a great free app that allows you to create augmented reality (AR). Result?  My year 7s think I can perform magic and I’m ‘cool’. I have started a ‘Talking Wall’ in my classroom to display pupil ‘work’ using the app.  … Continue reading