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Digital Legacies in the Classroom

Working with departments across the school to embed media rich learning in the curriculum this year has given rise to us creating a ‘digital legacy’ of pupil work.  The work is being collected and shared using online sites such as YouTube and Posterous, as well as Dropbox and within the shelves of iBooks.  Some has … Continue reading

Socrative – app of the week

Thanks need to go to Karen Duxbury-Watkinson for this. If she had not tweeted me to see if I could help with a technical issue I would not have come across this app (for a while at least). Socrative is a free student response tool created for teachers by teachers. The Web 2.0 tool has been … Continue reading

QR Easter Hunt

A simple idea for using QR codes in an Easter Hunt around the school in MFL, which I must admit was thrown together at the last minute but worked beautifully. I wanted a new twist on the treasure hunt using our iPads. The lesson was aimed at year 7 and I thought about giving directions … Continue reading

A girl can live by apps alone

There are often conversations flying around Twitter about the best iPad apps for schools. I had one last week. Here are the top apps I cannot live without as I use them on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Teacher apps 1. Dropbox – a girl can never have enough storage. 2. Explain Everything – … Continue reading

Workflow on the iPad – a paperless lesson

Today’s French lesson was paperless. No pen required, no exercise books, no text books, no dictionaries. I found a great resource on the TES resources site on Racism from a teacher going by the name HB that I used with my French GCSE class. Rather than print the worksheet out I emailed a Pages version … Continue reading

Survey Monkey

Year 9 started their GCSE course this term and have been working on Health. I openly admit I do not enjoy teaching alcohol, drugs, and smoking in French – I find it can be a bit dry – so I have had my pupils prepare sessions to present to the class themselves. They have been … Continue reading

Never saw that one coming

Being a trusting teacher I merrily left my year 10 French class preparing their mini lessons on Health on the iPads today. They returned the pads at the end of the lesson, in full working order. It was only after lunch when I got them out for another group that the full extent of what … Continue reading

iPad app issues

I love Apple but have been rather frustrated by a few app issues on the iPad that have come to light over the past week whilst preparing for a day I organised for language students. Below is a list of them and ways I have found to overcome them… Transferring GarageBand track to iMovie This … Continue reading